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Information + Application = Money

Information + Application = Money

Money is not currency. Money is:

  • Your impact in the community

  • Being able to make a change in your family that can never be reversed

  • Being able to change your thinking and positive impact others

Money is relevance.

Education is the combination of character and intelligence that gives our lives relevance. What do I mean? Allow me to explain, using the formula Information + Application = Money.

Most of us have some level of education. Many of us have diplomas, degrees, and other documentation that tells us that we’ve received information. But, have we applied what we’ve learned? You can’t be a person who just gets information and sit on it.

So, the question remains: Will you at least apply one thing? Once you make the decision to apply the knowledge you’ve accumulated, you will be transformed. That’s the difference between a person who goes after their dreams and a person who has an idea.

I am Brian Thomas, the Professional Trailblazer.

Inspiring Greatness from the Classroom to the Boardroom

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