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A Dream With No Action

A dream with no action is just an idea.

We all have dreams, but some people disrespect the very word. Some play around with their dreams and trivialize its meaning. However, having a dream isn’t a joke. Dreams mean too much to not be taken seriously. They should mean so much to you that you should put some action towards it.

Many people watch movies from the film company Dreamworks, but who actually works their dreams? Many people puts words on pictures, but who actions those memes? No matter what success level that you want to achieve, understand its possible. But, you can’t just simply dream. Dreaming without working towards a goal is just a thought. You must also believe it’s possible to achieve and actively walk in your passion.

If you walk in your purpose and do what you are gifted to do, you will change people’s lives.

I positively impact lives not because I’m intentionally trying to do something but because I”m walking in my passion and living in my purpose.

Am I an entrepreneur? Yes. Am I a husband? Yes. Do I work in Corporate America? Yes. Am I a father? Yes. But, I’m also a person who puts actions behind my dreams.

Dream like your life depends on it, but put a plan into motion. Greatness awaits for you, but it doesn’t wait for long.

I am Brian Thomas, the Professional Trailblazer.

Inspiring Greatness from the Classroom to the Boardroom

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