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An educated mind can change the world

An educated mind can change the world.

Being smart is like a pawn on a chessboard. In the game of chess, you use a pawn to make a strategic move. However, pawns can also be sacrificed. The sacrifice of a pawn is called intelligence.

Let’s put this into perspective. Being smart means:

  • You graduated high school

  • You got into the college you wanted

  • You earned a degree and got a job

  • You followed the rules and played things safe

  • You sacrificed extraordinary for being just like everyone else

That’s what “being smart” looks like.

Now, let’s look at intelligence.

Intelligence means:

  • You take risks

  • You come up with plans and set them in motion

  • Your dreams aren’t a joke to you

  • You are a doer, not just a talker

  • You don’t take a preconceived notion into a new environment

  • When networking, you’re building relationships

  • You seek information with a pure heart and mind so the knowledge will sink in

Don’t settle for just being the “smart” person who settled for the ordinary life. Be intelligent. Think of an idea, come up with a plan, and set it into motion. Don’t hold back. Become truly educated.


An educated mind can change the world. An educated mind can change the family.

I am Brian Thomas, the Professional Trailblazer.

Inspiring Greatness from the Classroom to the Boardroom

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