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"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Brian Thomas. I had the pleasure of working with Brian for over a year, collaborating on several Professional Development projects. His level of expertise, empathy, and passion for Career Professionals makes him a go-to facilitator and corporate trainer. Brian's ability to seamlessly manage multiple projects was unlike any I've seen before and dramatically increased the productivity of our team."

Bernard Bergan, IT Professional, Microsoft

"My name is Michael Johnson and I'm a senior quality engineer for Pratt & Whitney in Columbus, GA. My current engineering position and upward trajectory in corporate America has a lot to do with Brian Thomas's ability to coach and mentor young college students and young professionals. His innate ability to pinpoint strengths and areas of opportunity within individuals enables him to tailor make development plans that ensure success for every individual! If you're serious about taking your career to the next level, Brian Thomas is the one to do it!"


Michael Johnson, Senior Quality Engineer, Pratt & Whitney


"I loved the workshop because it was encouraging and realistic in the sense that it motivated us to not give up when one door to the goals we are striving to reach closes on us. Also because it helped us learn how to write an effective resume and what activities we should wisely spend our time on to build that effective resume. Another realistic point that the workshop touched on was that, we shouldn’t assume that coming right out of graduating with our degree will land us the CEO position or head of a corporate. Hard work after graduation will take us there."


Mecidor, Illinois State University


"I would recommend Brian Thomas to every college and conference out there because of how easily he connects with students. Even as a woman pursuing a career in STEM, I see Brian Thomas as someone I aspire to be one day. After having the honor of participating in two of his sessions, I am positive that his motivation to serve students is genuine. His mentorship is so appreciated that I would even suggest him to be a one on one coach for students. I have learned a lot from his successes and I know a lot of other students would gain many important qualities from his seminars."


Jordan Zonner, Doane College 



“I  would like to thank Mr. Thomas for teaching the elevator pitch at the MEPI Personal Branding Workshop. Learning the elevator pitch has instantaneously allowed me to improve my personal branding. Some of my college scholarships and applications require interviews and when I go I’ll use my elevator speech and carry myself well to make a good first impression and develop a positive perceived value. Aside from the elevator speech, the workshop was educational, engaging, and life changing. With just this one workshop, I was provided with skills for success, which will help me in college and beyond, as I am transitioning to the next phase in my life.

Johnson, Lawrence North High School


“Mr. Thomas you did a wonderful job of connecting with us young adults and keeping our attention by relating to things we understood. I appreciate you taking the time our of your day to help us brand ourselves and work towards bettering our name and how people perceive us. I never thought of how people portray me. I believe what you taught us will stay with me as I move along my life journey and start new beginnings. Thank you so much.”


Ledford, North High School


“Those few minutes you took out of your day Mr. Thomas changed my life and you said something so great, and I quote “Successful people are not Geniuses they are just the ones who survive”. Thank You”


Minor, Chicago State University



“Brian Thomas’s speech was very educational and engaging. He spoke on different ways to sell yourself professionally and taught about the small things that can set you beyond your competition. His program “Beyond the GPA” should be heard at every University.”

McKenzie Brown, Louisiana State University 


“I feel that KIPNspire is a very good program. It teaches the importance of education and the STEM fields. This program allows me to think about what I want to become, who I am, and what I want to do in life.“


Phillips , Hales Franciscan High School


“KIPNspire taught me how to be successful in college. Mr. Brian is a very good educator and I would consider him as my mentor. I am grateful that he visited us. He changed my aspect of life basically”

A. Muhammed , Hales Franciscan High School 


“I’ve had the experience of working with Mr. Brian Thomas for a month and also being an attendee of one of his very practical and insightful KIPNspire workshops. I must say from the standpoint of a college student and being his colleague, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge very relevant to personal and professional growth.  Mr. Thomas is very humble and kind-hearted; he presents himself and the material he offers very credible and sincere and always ready to clarify and positively reinforce any doubts or thoughts you may have.“


Nchinda, Mechanical Engineer University of Central Oklahoma


“There is nothing I as a pre-professional enjoy more than someone who has done it and willing to give to those who are coming behind him. Through experiencing a workshop I was able to see just how passionate Brian was in helping his fellow brothers and sisters succeed and I was able to obtain very useful knowledge.“


Simeon, Chemical Engineer Brown University



“I was on the fence about getting back into engineering after completing my first bachelors degree but after talking with Brian Thomas, I have decided to get back into engineering and go into a dual bachelors degree and masters degree program for civil engineering“


Williamson III, Political Science Wayne State University


“Mr. Thomas presentation on branding was important. It gave me a new idea on branding. I learned branding isn’t just about businesses but individuals as well“


Honore, Hales Franciscan High School


“Mr. and Mrs. Thomas have informed me of so much. I highly appreciate their visit, especially since they know the struggle of so many African Americans. Thank you so much and may God Bless .”


Robinson, Kennedy King College 


“I learned today that you should take life and school very seriously. I must honor multiple perspectives and I would love to have the opportunity for college and mentoring .

Alyssa, Project Syncere

“Brian Thomas is a perfect example of the type of leader you want on your team. One of his best qualities is his ability to effectively motivate and guide his team members towards success“

T Fletcher PhD, STEM Education at Purdue University



“Brian Thomas has represented his brand extremely well in interactions with our students, faculty, and sponsors. Brian’s workshops and mentoring of our students has become a staple of our conferences. KIPNspire has been recommended to return each year by our students and they are always satisfied with the content, delivery, and passion. In fact, several of our conference attendees have also partnered with Brian to develop and present workshops at their conferences for students and young professionals.”

Deb Cole, LSMCE  


“Brian is gifted in telling a story that speaks to university talent that is driven to succeed, but just requires the additional push to stay focused.”

N Crews, HR Supervisor at Eaton Corporation  


“He has a great ability to connect with the students we meet on campus and also has the ability to interact with senior managers and executives as well.“

K Bailey, HR Manager Eaton Corporation  


“He is an excellent public speaker who really knows how to reach and engage his audience.”

T Coates, Project Specialist at Eaton Corporation  



“Brian has a tremendous attitude. His professional presence and leadership style is very impressive. His enthusiasm to get involved and support key initiatives has led to him being one of the best talent scouts we’ve ever had on campus for the University Relations team. He understands the value of bringing talent into the organization and creates a compelling story for any student he encounters”

C Rasata, Senior Manager, Performance, Learning & Consulting at Eaton Corporation  

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