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#1 Speaking Program: Career Acceleration: 

(How to Navigate your way to Corporate Leadership)

This speech is great for but not limited to...

  • Leadership Development Sessions

  • Young Professional Organizations

  • Diversity and Inclusion Sessions

  • Motivational Assemblies

  • Intern Summer Events

  • Soft Skill Trainings

Our careers can take us around the globe and up and down the corporate, government, or entrepreneurship ladder. Those who plan, manage, and make key adjustments during their careers, reach levels they never knew were possible. “Greatness Awaits You” will open your eyes to key career situations, choices, and exposures that will shape your path towards greatness.

Key areas of focus:

  • Why to Seek The Career Ending Jobs

  • Feedback Management

  • Following the Opportunity

  • Leveraging Lateral Moves

  • Mentor and Mentee Relationships

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Personal Financial Management

  • How to be an Entrepreneur in your Corporate job

#2 Speaking Program: Making the Great Transition: 

(Excelling from the College World to the Real World)

This speech is great for but not limited to...

  • Career Fair Prep Assembly

  • Career Readiness Events

  • STEM Awareness Events

  • Motivation Assemblies

  • Freshman Orientation

  • Class Room Lectures

The transition from the College World to the Real World can be a daunting and treacherous endeavor for many college students. “Making the Great Transition” will provide very tactical strategies that can be applied well before crossing the stage. These skills will help maximize the college student and young professional experience and launch your career towards greatness.


Key areas of focus:

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Personal Financial Acumen

  • Geographical Flexibility

  • Global Mindset Development

  • The Power of Internships

  • Personal Brand Management

  • Networking Towards Success (Also a hit during Networking Mixers)

  • Interviewing to Greatness

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness

Brian Thomas' Programs, Speeches, and Workshops can be delivered in many forums. All forums include detailed Q/A and a review pre and post event with coordinators.
Options Include but are not limited to:

1 Hour Lectures

Half Day Seminars

One or Two Day workshops

Note: Key areas of focus can be broken out into individual lectures, seminars, and workshops.
Brian Thomas can tailor any lecture, seminar, or workshop to your specific needs.


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