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Be Great

Be great.

Here’s a poem to inspire you to be great today:

If success was a race, some wouldn’t show up to the meet,

If success was a dream, some wouldn’t even fall asleep.

If success was failure, some would achieve it,

If I told you success was what you did after you failed, some wouldn’t believe it.

But, you are of a different kind,

You show up when the light shine.

Success is a part of your DNA.

For those who are not of your cloth, DNA stands for Do Not Attempt,

On the invitational list to greatness, they will be exempt.

You will be present because victory is your only option.

You will be present because success is in your repetition,

Your greatness doesn’t even allow you to see competition.

Only completion is what’s in your sight,

Be careful not to oversleep, because failure loves the night.

To reach beyond victory, to most, is an unknown mystery,

Only because not many are willing to do whatever it takes to be great.

Not many are willing to sit alone in the dark.

Not many are willing to be the only,

Many can’t deal with the feeling of being lonely.

Greatness is the true divider, separator,

Will you go be great today or will you be consumed in the evaporator?

The evaporator says, “I’ll get to it tomorrow?”

The evaporator says, “Maybe next time.”

The evaporator says, “Not now.”

The evaporator says, “I don’t have enough time.”

Remember a select few are attacking greatness,

The question is, “Will it be you?”

I am Brian Thomas, the Professional Trailblazer.

Inspiring Greatness from the Classroom to the Boardroom

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