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Why Wait When You Can Create

6 Steps From The "PAGE" The To The "STAGE"


What Is Not Being Accomplished Because You’re Still Waiting?

C – Cost (What is costing you not to pursue your dreams?) 

R – Risk (What risks are you willing take to reach your dreams?)

E – Expectations (Do you expect others to reach your dreams for you?)

A – Ability (Are you able and willing to place actions towards your dreams?)

T – Team (Does your team move you towards or away from your dreams)

E – Execution (Greatness is not achieved in the ease of accomplishment but execution despite the obstacles!!!)


In a world of instant downloads, live streaming, and fast acting devices there seems to be many of us who do not move as swiftly as our nifty toys and devices. We as the users of these things should ask ourselves a question: If our devices in life move at the speed of light then why do we seem to have slowed down in pursuing our dreams? I don’t think it’s the fault of the devices, I believe its something within us, that makes us WAIT to achieve our greatness. Waiting for someone or something is similar to how we manage our social media accounts. Have you ever caught yourelf "Waiting" on your facebook, instagram, twitter, etc to say you have a new message. The time between those two messages could’ve been placed towards your DREAMS. Instead there place towards MEMES. I’m not trying to say that you have a problem, “Why Wait When You Can Create was Created because I had a problem. The journey that Why Wait When You Can Create" will take you on has stories of successes,failures, highs, and lows. This book has principles that will assist you in overcoming the WAITING syndrome while giving you skills to maximize the CREATING zone. 


Have you ever wondered why we say MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE and not SOMEONE ELSE WILL MAKE YOUR DRAMS COME TRUE? We say this because there is no other option to your dreams becoming a reality. Working with others towards your dreams and depending on others to achieve your dreams have two completely different meanings. It’s up to you to determine which approach to take. 


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Why Wait When You Can CREATE

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