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In a world of fitting in and constant connectivity, there is a simple theory that can separate you from the norm. Brian Thomas the Founder of KIPNspire Group presents to you, the “READ IT Theory to Success”. Some may wonder how if we all applied this theory, how can we achieve so many diverse things? The answer is very simple. The “READ IT Theory to Success” gives you a map to multiple destinations.


  • R Resume (This is a non-verbal definition of who you are professionally)
  • E Experience (What have you done that excites and how it has prepared you?)
  • AAttitude (Your attitude determines your altitude)
  • DDetermination (To win you must believe that you will not fail. Persevere)
  • IIntelligence (Socially, Emotionally, and Technically)
  • TTiming (You don’t know when your name will be called. Are you prepared?)

The “IT” Factor


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The READ IT Theory to Success

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